From The Nailhead to Stage 1
From The Nailhead to Stage 1

1961 Buick LeSabre - Model Number 4437 2-Door Hardtop Coupe

This is another Craigslist purchase. I bought it from a a guy who lives in Winnepeg, Canada. He purchased it from another local in Winnepeg. The previous owner believed the car was originally from Texas, although I don't have any paperwork to back that up. It's pretty low optioned with power steering, power brakes, and speedminder being the main options.


The car is orginal with one repaint. The 364 nailhead has never been out of the car and still runs great. It has the "Mirrormagic" instrument panel with the speedometer facing away from the driver which then reflects into an adjustable mirror for viewing by the driver. The driving experience of this car is fantastic with very thin pillars and lots of glass all around. The low exhaust bark of the nailhead suits the early '60s vibe of the car.



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