From The Nailhead to Stage 1
From The Nailhead to Stage 1

1962 Buick Skylark - Model 4367 2-Door Convertible


4-speed manual transmission

Granada Red paint

Power windows

Built in Southgate, California plant during the first week of August, 1962


Somewhere along the line I decided I would try and own an example of every Buick V8 engine type from the 60's. At the time I owned a 400 Big Block Buick and 364 Nailhead so when this all aluminum 215 V8 powered Skylark came along, I couldn't resist. It's also a 4-speed car which was also appealing to me.


I purchased this car from it's original owner. He was a retired 747 pilot for Pan Am living in Florida. He had to be in his late eighties when I met him. He special ordred this car in 1962 when he found out the body style for the Skylark was changing the next year. It has an unusual combination of optionss. Power windows and top but no power steering or power brakes. I guess he had certain priorities when ordering the car. He told me that when he ordered the car, the dealer wan't sure if the plant would be able to builld it for him before the model year changeover. It was built during one of the last, if not THE last production weeks for the '62s at the Southgate, California plant - 1st week of August, 1962.


It's mostly original. The carpet has been replaced at one point and the previous owner told me that he let a high school shop class swap out the original carburetor for a 4 barell Edelbrock carb. It also has an aftermarket Hurst shifter. The car came with 2 sets of hubcaps. The ones in the photo above plus a set for the rare 15 inch wheels. There where no 15's included with the car though.


Since I purchased the car I have sourced all the components to return it to its original state. I found a stock shifter assembly, a correct 4-speed carburetor, and the correct air cleaner. I also found a set of the super-hard-to-find 15 inch steel wheels to go with the original hubcaps. The car is a 20 footer at this point with a sloppy paint job applied sometime in the past. Eventually I will repaint the car and will then return it to it's orginal state with the components I have found. In the meantime it's a fun driver.


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