From The Nailhead to Stage 1
From The Nailhead to Stage 1

1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport  - Model Number 44437 Sport Coupe


Dual Horns

U68 Ash tray light

U35 Electric clock

VC1 HD radiator

W10 Moulding group

W15 Gran Sport

Y53 Appearance group

B3 4-speed transmission

C8 Power steering and power brakes

D1 Sonomatic radio with manual antenna

M6 windshield washer - dual speed wiper

U6 Convenience group (glare proof mirror, clock, trunk light)

X3 Short console

33 Vinyl roof



R Flame red paint

157 Red interior

Built in Fremont, California during the fourth week of January, 1965

Sold through Denver Buick


I purchased this car in 2015. It was originally sold by Denver Buick and appears to have spent it's whole life in the Denver area. It has the original 401 with a speed tranmission, consolette, and tachometer. The rear seat uphostery is orginal. The car was restored by the previous owner. He kept it mostly stock, adding a wide ratio 4 speed in place of the standard Borg Warner T-10 trasmission. I have the original tranmission and will rebuild it an reinstall it at some point. It was originally equiped with 14 inch steel wheels and and spinner hubcaps. The car now has reproduction 15 inch rally wheels an radial redline tires. It also has disc brake conversion up front. It came with an aftermarket wood steering wheel. I had the original steering wheel recast. I have also sourced a correct 1965 "Super Wildcat" dual quad intake manifold, carburetors, and air cleaner for the car along with original cast aluminum valve covers.


Tha car was another early-build car with the rare block-style Gran Sport emplem on the front grill. This was change to a larger text emblem on later '65 cars. My car was built during the 4th week of January, 1965.



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