From The Nailhead to Stage 1
From The Nailhead to Stage 1

1967 Buick GS400 - Model Number 44667 Convertible Coupe


K Aquamarine irridescent paint

198 Black interior

Black top

B4 Super Turbine transmission with operating console

C6 Power steering

C7 Power brakes

D1 Sonomatic radio with manual antenna

E2 Air Injection Reactor (California cars only)

F8 Wide Oval red line tires (F70-14)

G4 Positive traction differential

I6 Air conditioning

J1 Custom seat belts (2 retractable front plus 2 rear)

L1 Soft-Ray tinted glass (all windows)

O4 Door guards

U5 Tachometer

1B Reclining passenger seat with headrests for driver and passenger

Built in Flint, Michigan plant


I bought this car in 2012. It was originaly purchased by a guy from Minnesota who was in in some branch of the Marines or Navy and stationed in California. He ordered it from Penninsula Fleet Services in Redwood City, California for pick up in Detroit. He must have driven back to California after purchase. I am not sure how long it remained in the California area but judging from the state of it's body it spent a good deal of time there. When he died the car passed to his brother who eventually sold it to someone in the Thief River Falls area of Minnesota. It was eventually purchased by a muscle car specialist in suburban Chicago and that is where I purchased it from.


The car is mostly original and pretty heavily optioned. The place I bought it from painted it Dark Blue. Up to that time it had been the original Aquamarine color. I will eventually return it to it's original color. It has a couple of interesting options. It is one of the few '67s I have seen with factory installed headrests and reclining passenger seat. Air conditioning on convertibles is somewhat unusual. Oddly enough it wasn't ordered with power windows which is handy on a convertible. It also has a operating console (as Buick called them at the time) with tachometer. The tach has a cool adjustable redline bar. The console is a nice premium option but the tach is mounted low and far forward so it's hard to see while driving.


It currently has non-original 15 inch Rally wheels. I belive it was delivered with 14 inch steel wheels and the standard "dog dish" hub caps as there aren't any wheel options specified on the original invoice. The original owner may have intended to immediatly upgrade to aftermarket wheels so didn't spend the money on the factory wheel options.


The California-required Air Injection Reactor system (Smog pump) was missing from the car when I bought it. I have since sourced 2 partial smog systems from a '67 GS400 and a '67 Riviera with enough combined parts to make one complete system. The California cars also had a special air cleaner base with a tube for connecting to one the Smog hoses. The car came with a standard, 49 state base when I bought it and I have since found the correct base on Ebay.


It is an early build car, ordered right after the start of the model year. It has the unusual 4-piece front wheel well trim found on early cars (chrome band at lower edge of front fender and three piece wheel well trim). It's one of those things that causes you to think "I wonder why the did that?". Later cars had a simpler 2-piece design.


I have fixed a number of small things on the car - recast the steering wheel, re-cored the original radiator, replated the armrest bases, rebuilt the original carburetor, replaced the orginal cracked dash pad and headrests with reproductions, and a few other odds and ends. It will remain a nice driver until I eventually have it repainted.

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